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SMB Access for Mac OS X Server (10.5/10.6)

Frequently, I've had issues with Windows machines accessing OS X Servers just set up with SMB sharing. It seems that the Windows client needs to allow a certain type of authentication to allow the machine to log into the OS X Server, and that setting isn't correct by default. The problem also happens for Linux servers as well, not just Mac OS X Server.

Note that by making these changes, you're making things that much less secure on the Windows side of things by allowing an older, less secure encryption method for authentication. While most of you won't care (because you're just looking for a solution for an in-house server), if you're working with a server which is publicly available (for some crazy reason), then get to know the facts before making these changes.

Here's directions on how to make that change in many of the various flavors of Windows:

Leopard in the world of Photo

OK, well... here is a Photographer's little slice of hell.

I'll cut right to it. Canon Camera Control software and PhaseOne C1Pro, two of, by far, the most popular chunks of Professional Photography, are not supported in Leopard yet for all Canon cameras, notably the 5D.


Combatting Helvetica and Helvetica Neue in 10.5

Font handling in OS X 10.5 is supposed to be better overall. So far, I've noticed Apple has moved the per user and system font caches to /tmp, which is probably a good move. 10.4.x didn't automatically purge font caches, which caused problems for folks who happened to activate and deactivate tons of fonts on a regular basis.

Leopard: Month 2 - TSP Certified

As Leopard reaches it's second month in the wild, we've seen a few other incompatibilities crop up, particularly as we've been testing Leopard Server - the new server OS that brings group calendaring and a host of improvements to the Mac OS Server platform.

Cover Flow: Eye Candy or Useful Tool?

We have all seen the iPhone ads on TV, showing how the iPhone lets us flip through album covers with the flick of a finger. Apple calls these flipping album covers "Cover Flow," and it is a terrific, tactile way of searching through a music collection. Cover Flow makes the task of searching fun, more like flipping through LPs at a record store than browsing a boring list of .mp3 files.

The Holy Grail: Calendar Sharing

Apple's OS X has been leading innovation on the desktop for years. With features like Exposé, Spotlight, Dashboard, and incredible ease of use, OS X 10.4 "Tiger" and OS X 10.4 Server are some of the best operating systems available today.

Yet, with all of its innovation, Apple has fallen flat in one area very important for business: the ability to easily share contacts and calendars.

Leopard Week 3: Adobe Apps and OS 10.5.1

This week, I haven't discovered much new in the way of problems or incompatibilties with Leopard, but there is some new info regarding compatibility and testing with various applications.

Adobe Application Compatibility with OS X Leopard

Adobe has recently released their official notice about Leopard and Adobe compatibility.

The Week of (Potential) Data Loss

There's been a lot of coverage this week of the possibility of losing your data on your Mac, and if there's anything that should make you backup your data, this post should put the fear of [pick your diety] in you.

Possible Bad Series of Drives in MacBooks?

Leopard: Week 2

Well, I've been running Leopard for two weeks now and I'm starting to see productivity benefits from it, which is about what I'd expect from such a major operating system upgrade.

At TSP, we've been through all of the system upgrades and have seen good ones and bad ones. Leopard is "on par" for Apple's generally good record of software upgrades.

Leopard Uncovered: Time Machine

Of the many new features in Apple's next release, none have as dramatic implications as Time Machine. Whether you use your Mac for surfing the internet or running your small business, you will get huge benefits from the automation and simplicity of data protection in Leopard.

Time Machine is a revolutionary application built into OS X Leopard which allows you to rewind your files to any point in your computers history to recover both lost files, as well as review previous revisions to files. Time Machine requires an external drive for each machine to function and it's super simple to set up.

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