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Leopard Uncovered: Time Machine

Of the many new features in Apple's next release, none have as dramatic implications as Time Machine. Whether you use your Mac for surfing the internet or running your small business, you will get huge benefits from the automation and simplicity of data protection in Leopard.

Time Machine is a revolutionary application built into OS X Leopard which allows you to rewind your files to any point in your computers history to recover both lost files, as well as review previous revisions to files. Time Machine requires an external drive for each machine to function and it's super simple to set up.

Leopard Has Arrived!

It has been over two years since Apple had released a major upgrade to OS X - that is, until now. The next chapter of OS X, 10.5 "Leopard," was unleashed on October 26th, and we're covering all of the new details about this new generation of Mac OS X. TSP is covering the release with frequent blog posts and articles, starting with "To Leopard or Not To Leopard".

Leopard is shipping with all new machines, and it's also available for separate purchase. Chances are, if you have purchased a computer in the last 5 years, you will be able to upgrade to Leopard for $129 (£85) without a hitch. To be sure, check the requirements on the Apple website.

Just bought your Mac? Apple will upgrade you to Leopard for just $9.95 (£5.95) if you bought on or after October 1st, 2007. Just follow this link and see "Hardware Up to Date" (Link for UK) (Contact Apple directly for this special offer.)

Leopard is available for purchase and demonstration now, so drop into our shop in Boston or contact us for more information on pricing.

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