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Consumer and Corporate Mac Sales

To get a quote on anything, just email us at sales@techsuperpowers.com or call us at 617.267.9716 (press 1).

We're in the business of solving problems, not pushing boxes. When you work with our sales department at Tech Superpowers, you're working with people with decades of experience supporting Macs in business and creative arts. We pride ourselves on having salespeople that are helpful and knowledgeable - and who are backed up by a technical team that can find the answer if there is one.

Where we really shine is in our solutions. With almost 20 years of experience in solving problems for small and large clients alike, we have found that there are a few key combinations of hardware, software, and options that address the problems that our clients experience time and time again. Updated with every new hardware release, these are the solutions that you can count on to run your business.

As a single source provider for your hardware, software, and accessories, along with our consulting and support, we can help you purchase and install new systems in a flash with a minimal amount of effort. We understand what tools you need and can get them to you at the best price.

Of course, not everyone needs a solution with installation, so we also sell individual CPUs, software, utilities, supplies - anything related to your Mac, even just an iPad if you want. Just contact us at sales@techsuperpowers.com to tell us what you're looking for.

Why it's better to buy a solution from TSP vs. the Apple Store

Tech Superpowers is more than just Apple, so you won't hear any party-line nonsense from us. We're Mac fanatics, but we know that Macs don't and can't live on an island. To work efficiently, you've got to use peripherals, networks, and systems that get work done - not just the ones that Apple supports.

At the Apple Store, you have to buy internal hard drives and RAM direct from Apple - at higher prices than if bought separately. Some of the best performing components aren't even available through Apple directly, but we can source them from reliable vendors. For instance, we get our memory upgrades from a company that warranties their RAM for life. Apple? Just one year.

The end result? Solutions that perform better for lower prices.

Home Users

You love Apple, and are looking to set up a great system to use at home. Whether you want a laptop for email and online surfing, or a brand new Mac Pro with all the bells and whistles, we've got you covered. Unlike mail order or online stores, you'll see personal, professional advice on your purchase – from a human.


It doesn't matter if you're working from home or from a small office. Entrepreneurs need to be on top of their game and ahead of the competition. We'll help you get there with one of our supercharged solutions. Don't want a pre-built solution? No problem. We can recommend the right machine and software, catered just to your field to help build your business into a huge success.

Small Business

The pace of business is fast, so it can be tough to switch to new machines or perform large upgrades. Fortunately, Tech Superpowers knows how to get the job done. If you already work in an Apple environment, we can recommend the best upgrades for your business. If you currently work on PCs, we can help orchestrate a full switch, including computers, servers, and hosting. We can also recommend the best software in your field to accompany your new Mac.


Large to small, we cover it all. Our enterprise solutions can help solve the toughest technological battles. Our sales team can put together the perfect solution for your needs, and our expert techies can be on site to put the whole solution together with ease.

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