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Fonality Dialing from Eyebeam Using International "+" Symbol

Using some creative brainpower today, the TSP crew came up with a solution to a persistent problem in Counterpoint's Eyebeam Voice-Over-IP software: dialing when using the universal international dialing string "+".

For those that don't know what Eyebeam does, it turns your computer into a phone (in conjunction with a Voice-Over-IP server and headset). It's tremendously useful for people on the go who want to be able to access their office phone system from anywhere on the Internet to make and receive calls.It's sorta like running your own Skype service out of your office.

Anyway, we recently ran into an issue where a client had a Fonality PBXtra phone system that we sold them and wanted to integrate dialing straight from Address Book. One of our techies, Henry, put together a QuicKeys script to do the dialing, but the problem was that Eyebeam didn't know what to do with the "+" in front of international numbers. To make matters worse, many of the US numbers in the address book were also preceded by "+".

Our solution is to make a quick modification to the Dialing Plan to trim the "+" for all non-US international calls. Here's how:

  • In Eyebeam, right click on the display and go to "SIP Account Settings..."
  • Go to the "Properties..." for the account.
  • Under the Account tab, replace the Dialing Plan with this:


Make sure that the text above is all on one line.That's it! We hope that this helps other users of Eyebeam and X-lite to solve this tricky problem.

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